Strong competency and innovation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are critical to Maryland’s – and the nation’s – economic future.

In order to secure Maryland’s position as a global leader in STEM-based education, research, and economic development, Governor O’Malley called for and approved a STEM Plan for Maryland. The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education co-chaired development of the Governor’s STEM Plan for Maryland, and is leading the creation of Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network – STEMnet – the Plan’s 7th recommendation that will facilitate achievement of the preceding six recommendations.

Maryland’s STEM Plan – Recommendation #7 Create Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network

The recommendation proposed an unprecedented mechanism for coordination, resource dissemination, and idea sharing among all of Maryland’s STEM stakeholders … P-12 teachers, students, parents, higher education faculty, business and community leaders, economic development officers, researchers, and policymakers.

It called for the creation of a physical and virtual network that would be available to all stakeholders for the purpose of developing and implementing a sustainable STEM education-workforce-research-economic development strategy for the state. In 2010, at the request of Governor O’Malley, Maryland Business Roundtable took the lead in planning and developing Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network, known as STEMnet.

In partnership with the Governor, State Superintendent of Schools, and all 24 local superintendents, and with the support of the Maryland General Assembly and Congressional Delegation, the Maryland Business Roundtable for

Education developed, piloted, and launched STEMnet – Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network. STEMnet is an online platform that offers cutting-edge resources, tools, programs, and workforce connections to strengthen STEM teaching and learning. STEMnet was built with input from over 1000 Maryland teachers.

STEMnet provides educators and students access to:

Hundreds of trained STEM workplace professionals who engage students in the real-world application of learning.
Instructional resources developed by Master Teachers and aligned to Maryland’s College- and Career-Ready Standards.
A virtual professional learning community.
Information about STEM careers, what it takes to qualify for them, and how to develop a plan to prepare for them.
Real-world STEM problems in which students participate in solution development.